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Traditional Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, but without use of needles; instead thumb or elbow pressures are used on particular points on the body. Based on the Eastern Medicine practices, the concept of helping restore the proper energy flow in the body. 
The form of Acupressure performed at Listening Hands is more based on the Lymphatic System. This system is responsible for draining your body of fluids and toxins. When there is a calcium build up in the lymphatic drains, they cannot properly rid your body of all these toxins, causing you to feel pain, arthritis, dry mouth, osteoporosis to name a few. This is a modality not offered at any other clinic in Ottawa. It is very effective in relieving pain and bring back normal functioning to the muscles, joints and body as a whole. When you have an ailment that nobody seems to be able to help, please come try our Acupressure. You will be glad that you did!


60 Minute Session = $85 + HST

Massage Therapy

There are many different types of Massage Therapy available at Listening Hands. 

Relaxation: Typically full body,  designed to relax the body and mind. Decrease any tension or stresses you may have. Can be customized to suit your personal needs.

Therapeutic/ Deep Tissue: Is extremely  beneficial in releasing chronic muscle pain and tension. Focused on deep layers of muscle, tendons and fascia. Usually specific to area of concern, but can also be a full body treatment.

Sports Massage:  Usually performed on active, athletic people. Focus is primarily on injury prevention and treatment, also stretching and increasing flexibility.

Trigger Point Therapy:  Deeper pressure massage targeted on treating and releasing trigger points in specific, problem causing muscles. Most common are trigger points in the traps causing tension headaches, or in the piriformis causing sciatic pain.

Myofascial Release:  Massage focusing on stretching and releasing any fascial restrictions and to "unstick" the muscles. Techniques done without oil. Used to increase normal flow of energy, blood and oxygen in the body, also to realign normal body structure. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:  Using very light, long sweeping strokes, this massage is to help with drainage of the lymph and fluid in the body. If you are suffering from chronic swelling or bloating, acute swelling (from injury), or lymphodema, this massage presents amazing results.

Pregnancy Massage: Typically aimed to help a mother to be to release the added tension and soreness that can accompany a pregnancy. Lighter pressure is used (especially on the low back) and side lying positioning if client is unable to lie on her belly. Not recommended in first trimester of pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage: Using special heated basalt stones, this massage is an amazing way to combine deep heat with deep pressure to work out tension and those stubborn knots. Especially great in the cold winter months.

30 Minute Session : $ 50
45 Minute Session: $ 70
60 Minute Session: $ 85
90 Minute Session : $ 120
Hot Stone Massage : Add $10 to treatment
**All Massage Options available in 30, 45, 60, 90 minute increments. HST included**
Direct Billing available, or receipts issued for insurance claims.

MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed

A revolutionary new thermal table designed to provide a full thermal-massage treatment from head to toe. 

Listening Hands is the ONLY clinic in the Ottawa area to provide this service. 

5 Principals of the MIGUN Thermal Massage Bed:

Acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and far infrared therapy are all rolled into one to provide you with a deep, relaxing, soothing heat massage, while also giving your spine a soothing stretch plus stimulating the key acupuncture points, blood vessels, and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. You don’t have to worry about invasiveness or discomfort of any needles. As you lie down and relax on the Migun thermal massage bed, your body weight, along with the internal Jade stone probes gives you the effect of acupuncture. According to oriental medicine, jade has always been known to have mysterious healing affects, promoting longevity, and discharging toxins from our bodies.

Offering 45 and 60 Minute sessions, you will be set up with the Migun Thermal massage bed at our clinic, and left to relax in your own private room while you experience the benefits from this amazing new technology. 

Please see video below, and visit for more information on this product. 

45 Minute Session: $60

60 Minute Session : $ 80

The First 10 people each month to book a session for our MIGUN Thermal Massage table will receive an additional 15 minutes for Free!!